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Published: November 10, 2010
General Overview Wood Homes Concrete Homes

Concrete homes are very popular in Belize and throughout all of Central America and the Caribbean. Concrete homes can be quite beautiful. The basic construction will survive just about any weather condition. Some concrete homes have wood framed A-type or mansard roofs and some have all concrete flat roofs. Typically the homes are built by constructing a framework of solid, steel reinforced concrete posts and beams and then the opening are filled in with concrete blocks. The whole wall structure is then finished with a layer of stucco both inside and outside. The stucco is either colored or painted. PVC pipe is installed inside the walls as conduit for wires. I wish we built homes like this in the United States.

Concrete Home Example
The Skeleton of a Concrete Home

The floors of a concrete home are made of steel reinforced poured concrete. Typically they are finished with tile and/or hardwood flooring made from one of the local hardwoods. Tile is very inexpensive in the area so many of the finishes have a tendency to be tiled. This includes floors, countertops, porch floors and some walls. The quality of tile work in Belize generally exceeds that of the United States. I do not know of any place in Belize that sells carpet so carpet in not an option in Belize.

Cabinets for concrete homes are generally made from beautiful local woods including mahogany though I have seen concrete homes where the cabinets were also concrete. Countertops can be tile, granite, wood or highly polished concrete. Concrete countertops are quite beautiful. Check out concrete countertops


While concrete homes have many advantages, there are also some disadvantages:
  • Concrete homes are more expensive to build
  • It is VERY difficult to make changes to concrete walls so make sure you are happy with your floor plan before construction starts.
  • Many concrete homes do not have enough steel reinforcement either in the floors and/or the main support posts and beams. This leads to excessive cracking.
  • Many cantilever beams for porches and balconies are over spanned which would eventually result in the porch or balcony falling off of the home.
  • Concrete homes are nearly impossible to modify later. Things such as adding lights, circuits, plumbing or adding on to the structure is VERY difficult.

Cypress International, Inc. follows US standards of construction and we use the standards and practices established by the International Code Counsil (ICC) to build your home. Our local workers are trained by Trainers (licensed construction workers from the United States). The structure and mechanical aspects of our homes would pass a local building inspection in the United States.

General Overview Wood Homes Concrete Homes

Images of Belize

Concrete Home Example
Concrete Home After Stucco
Concrete Home Example
A Finished Concrete Home
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